Saturday, 4 January 2014

FLP - Any conclusive comments?

I started this blog because I was studying FLP.  I wanted to better understand what it was all about but I did not have the time to develop my business.

In short, at the time, I wanted to support Sarah to build her business. For several reasons, it was not workable for us.

It is probably a very good business to be in if one sticks with it.  Sarah will soon be back in Nairobi from the countryside.  She may or may not choose to do this business again. It is, however, quite unsuitable for me.

Is it ethical? I did not find out enough information to be able to tell whether Aloe Vera is that great.  It is, certainly good and it should be properly tested out on various diseases so as to be able to come up with conclusive evidence about it.  The business concept behind FLP Aloe Vera, however is nearly impeccable.  It works if you assiduously attend meetings, participate in the support systems and work hard.

If I were not who I am and working on the things that I am doing right now I could possibly have joined them for economic reasons.  Is it a socially viable movement?  I do not believe so.  It is a business.  You have a be a master marketing person and they teach you to market yourself well.  It is a network marketing or MLM or very much a scheme.

Mohamed Jiwa
January 4th, 2014

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